PropertyPort CRM Helps Keep Your Sales Pipeline Full

The built-in CRM system was created with ease-of-use in mind. Here's what to expect with PropertyPort's CRM:

  • Contacts - Easily import, export and maintain a large set of business and contacts
  • Leads - Keep your sales team organized by defining a custom sales pipeline and allow the sales team to keep track of lead tools such as Notes, Actions, Lead Status and Projected Sales Amount (by assigned weight)
  • Call Lists - Enable your sales team to quickly and easily manage a large list of perspective sales. Call lists can be made up of sponsors, contacts, ticket sales, donor lists, or any other list you wish to create

With the CRM system, you will have a central repository of client communication leaving you in a better position to assess and manage your proposal-submission process.

CRM is available on PropertyPort and PropertyPort Enterprise plans. Learn more about our plans and pricing.